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Salon Vaso - Voted Best Hair Salon

A man can tell a lot about a woman by her hair. Is she the type of gal who hits the ground running out of bed and off to work, or the kind to wake up two hours early just to make sure every strand is in place? Whatever your preference, every type of lady loves Salon Vaso. Sure, it's a little pricey but we're talking about hair here. It's easily the most recognizable thing about a person, so why shouldn't you treat it well? Salon Vaso is the spot to spoil your locks. It offers more than just cuts: Check out the keratin treatments. The customer service is supreme, and with the salon's chic décor, you'll feel like a million bucks.


Ana has been doing my eyebrows for 12 years. Even after moving 160 miles away I still travel to Miami Beach for this incredible look! The service is impeccable and staff is very professional. The salon is comfortable, beautifully decorated and ultra clean. I recommend Salon Vaso to everyone.‎
By Teri

Eyebrow threading‎‎

I got my eyebrows threaded and I LOVED IT Extremelyy PROFESSIONAL!‎
By Liz Irina



By Michelle

Great wedding hair‎‎

I found Salon Vaso online, because I was looking for some hair salon to cut my hair and do my hair for my wedding. Salon Vaso has many excellent reviews so I decided to make an appointment there. And it turned out to be a really great idea. Cynthia cut my hair so good and interesting, that I loved it from the first look in the mirror. A couple of days later I went there again to do my wedding hair and makeup. And it was amazing!!! The hair was great and make up gorgeous!!! I recommend to go to Salon Vaso, especially to Cynthia!
By Petra

VASO....Simply The Best in Town!!!


I've been getting my haircut with Vaso for more than 7 years now. My haircut is a walking advertisement for VASO because I seriously get amazing compliments everytime I get my haircut and I respond "with VASO". Give her a try, she's very talented!! Beautiful modern salon too!!!
‎ By Miami Star Maps, Hollywood latino, The Scene Miami

A stylist you can TRUST with the scissors....

It's a very uncommon thing to find a hairdresser that i have so much faith in that I could let them cut my hair and keep my eyes closed the whole time. I think one of the most telling (and rare) proof any hairdresser's skill is that they give you what you want, in a way that is so much better than what you knew you wanted. EVERY time i walk out of Salon Vaso i am more beautiful than i thought i could be going in - and isn't that why we don't just do it ourselves at home in the mirror? Just walk in the door and you will see Vaso's originality and style - the salon is painted black, who paints a salon in Miami Beach black??!? lol - but it WORKS...see where I'm going with this? The lady has vision, she is an individual who knows what is going to look sexy - she will give you whatever you want if you already know - and isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks is going to kick it up a notch if you are feeling like doing something different with your out-dated-do.
By Dianna

Unbelievable Hair Color&Cut Makeover!

I do my research. I am very picky about everything and wanted to make sure I was going to the best in color specialist in Miami. Salon Vaso was it. My hair before was long, straight, to the end of my back and black. I am Latina with an olive complexion. I have not colored my hair or did much else but trim it for 1 year and 3 months. I wanted a change! I was also recommended to Vaso for color from another Salon! I looked up their website and was very impressed by their exposure on TV and magazines, I also had a friend that worked with the owner, Vaso in the Standard before she had this Salon; and was told she runs a tight ship. With the top of my hair being untouched and a bundle of nerves, I went to the salon to make a consultation with Darlene. I was told I would be able to achieve a brown base with highlights, not blonde because of the black I had on the rest of my hair from years past, and she did not want to fry my hair. She pointed out she wanted to cut my hair in layers to create more movement, and color my hair a hue that would brighten my olive complexion, and that blended naturally. I felt at ease after the consultation, and made an appt for two days after, last Thursday. The whole appt took 4 hours, that’s it! Lifting, base color, highlights, cut, a manicure for 10 dolllars?? wow, blow dry. Let's just say I have had my hair colored in the past and it took double that at times. I can't stop getting compliments. My hair came out a medium rich brown with VIVID blond highlights. But it wasn't the chunky just colored highlights, it all blended!! It looked like it was done over time, it is VERY natural looking. My hair was cut into layers, and now has more movement that ever! I did freak out when I saw my hair on the ground, but the end result was amazing, they still kept my hair long. The blowout was just as good, it had volume, accentuated my haircut and color, it lasted 5 days with just as much bounce as the first day! I just want to say that I have been to many Salons, and have never had the type of result with my hair than with Salon Vaso. I am very hard to please and I was floored and so happy to have found Darlene an amazing stylist and Salon Vaso!
By edenseve171

Salon Vaso is the Best Salon on SoBe‎‎

As a longtime loyal customer of Salon Vaso since pre-opening days and owner Vaso (10+ years) I send all my friends and anyone who asks me about my haircut and color. Salon Vaso is the best salon to patronize for the money, customer experience and convenient location on South Beach. The salon offers the best haircut and color specialists.‎
By Alexandra

Best Salon in South Florida!‎‎

I have been looking long and hard for a salon who had knowledgeable color specialists and staff that was passionate about their work. I stumbled across Vaso Salon and made an appointment with Cynthia Imperatore. She was not only knowledgeable and passionate but also extremely helpful and outgoing! In addition to my color I was tired of the same hair style and asked Cynthia to improvise with my cut. She gave me the best haircut, I walked out feeling gorgeous! Salon Vaso is the best salon with the best staff in all of South Florida - believe me, I checked plenty! I'm a loyal customer now.‎‎
By Anna

The Best Salon Recommendation Ever!‎‎

I will admit it...I am a total creature of habit. I went to the same salon for over 10 years (for hair and mani/pedi) even though I really was never that happy with the results. A friend of mine told me about Salon Vaso a year ago, and I literally could not be happier!! Not only is Vaso an AMAZING color specialist, she gives me the best haircut that I have ever had. But wait -- it gets even better! Tanya, one of the nail specialists, gives the most meticulous manicure and pedicure that I have ever received, and is a joy to talk to. Trust definitely will not be disappointed!‎
By Allison

Thumbs up‎

I followed my hair stylist, Cynthia Imperatore, when she came to Salon Vaso. She made a great choice of salons to set up shop. I felt very welcomed by all the staff, loved the feeling of the place and found the pricing affordable. I sipped on champagne while getting beautiful highlights!‎
By Hannah

Loved this salon !‎‎‎

I was visiting Miami and the family I vacationed with took me to this Salon and I had my eye brows threaded (for the first time) by Ana and I honestly cannot stop talking about the place and the people. I had such a great experience myself, as well as waiting for my friend to get her hair done. I wish I had this Salon back home !
By Catherine

Salon Vaso is #1!

I had been looking high and low for an affordable place on the beach to do a manicure/pedicure. As soon as I called Salon Vaso, my look ended. $40 for a manicure/pedicure, you can't get any better! Tanya Kirov, my nail specialist, was AMAZING! She immediately asked me if I wanted something to drink, and treated me like a queen. She was funny and sweet throughout the entire process, I couldn't have asked for a nicer person. And to top that off, the manicure/pedicure was AMAZING! Everything was fantastic, and I will be referring this to everyone I know! Thanks Salon Vaso!
By Alexis‎


Me and my friend randomly walked in to this beautiful salon and we immediately felt at home and never wanted to leave. All of the stylist were friendly the front desk staff were very inviting and the lady that did my eyelashes was absolutely fabulous. I wanted to wrap her up and carry her in my Gucci bag. There was a beautiful woman that made my nails look like a million bucks ...I will definitely be returning to this Salon next time I'm in South Beach...I would recommend this salon 1 million times over and over again ;)
By Candace

Joining the Vaso Cult

I have been a member of the Vaso cult for about 10 years now, having been converted from the dregs of supercuts. The staff is terrific, the salon is amazingly clean, beer or a coffee is always available and Vaso herself is a pleasure.‎
By Solomon

My first haircut - Wonderful!‎‎

My experience with Joanna was wonderful. When I called to make an appointment they fit me in within the hour. The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable-- I'm a down-to-earth kind of girl and it was my first time getting a salon haircut, but I didn't feel at all out of place. When we got started it was obvious Joanna really knew what she was doing. We talked about what I wanted and she got it exactly right. I left with a beautiful, polished curly haircut, and will definitely be back again. I highly recommend Joanna at Salon Vaso to any one !‎‎
By Jade

Vaso is the SHIT!‎‎‎‎

My hair has been in a long relationship with Vaso for 8+ years. I refuse to get my hair cut, highlighted, or blown-out by anyone else. Not only would she kill me but my hair would. I moved up to Boston four years ago, and will wait (literally) a year and a half before I will let anyone but her touch my hair! Do yourself and your hair a favor and don't go to anyone else either! Love you Vaso!
By Gabrielle

10 years and counting !‎‎

Been having my hair cut and colored by Vaso for about 10 years. Always feel and look great afterwards, and have a really relaxed time while there.‎
By Brooke

The ONE !‎‎

Vaso cuts my hair, I wouldn't let anyone else near it.
By Michelle

Top of the line

Imagine walking through the Bal Habor Shops and being stopped not once but twice to be asked " Who cut your hair ? " well it was Vaso from Salon Vaso !
By Linda


I went to Salon Vaso the other day after reading of others' good experiences. Walked in and asked if I needed an appointment, they said normally yes but a cancellation made it possible and within 5 minutes I was in the chair. Vaso spent a good amount of time explaining to me what was wrong and how it should be done properly. Emerged less than an hour later happy as can be with the result ! Vaso said that she'd had quite a lot of interest through Google which was obviously paying dividends. One other point – Salon Vaso was very easy to find through Google Maps and the parking was a breeze since they have their own private parking lot (free parking) adjacent to the entrance. All in all a very pleasant experience in every way possible.‎
By Robert

Vaso – Did you say Yacht ?‎‎‎‎

I've been a client of Salon Vaso for several months now. I was referred to Salon Vaso by a girlfriend that talks very highly of them. She is 100% right because I will never switch having experienced the quality of work performed. I have been telling Vaso to raise her prices many times because comparable quality work costs a lot more anywhere else if Vaso's work can be compared in the first place. I was invited to join the Salon team for a night out on a Yacht celebrating their appointment as Florida's # 1 Salon in Allure magazine and was very excited. The event was absolutely stunning and the Yacht was filled with beautiful people. I would like to thank Salon Vaso once more for allowing me to be part of it. I will be a lifelong client. Thank you for making me beautiful.‎‎
By Katherine

Famous wide ranging appeal !‎‎

I've been going to Salon Vaso for quite some time. I always liked the relaxed atmosphere and attention to detail. The fact that Vaso is a top hairdresser can't hurt. Vaso's wonderful skill, however, is her now famous wide ranging appeal from media types, to bankers to fashionistas, not to mention me, my wife and our children. Everybody looks comfortable in her chair and under her scissors. Thank you for serving us.‎‎‎
By Scott


Vaso at Salon Vaso is a fantastic, independent hairdresser in South Beach and they do both men and women's cuts. The place is very cool (they have very interesting accessories and products there!) and the place is run brilliantly. They get bonus points for helping me out after I had a hair nightmare at the hands of one of the big salon chains. Kudos to Salon Vaso.
By Marie

Salon Vaso – A Miami Beach Gem !

Vaso of Salon Vaso Miami Beach has been doing my hair for many many years now - different styles from long to short to curly, many colors such as brunette, red or blonde. How does she manage this you might ask? Well… Vaso herself has style, she can look at you, your face and your hair and will give you a style that works for you. I might be a little older (40 is the new 30) but she still manages to keep me looking young and stylish with beautiful hair and color to match.‎
By Stephanie

Fly me to the moon...‎‎

If you are searching for a top of the line hairdresser in Miami, go and see Vaso. I am pleased that I have followed the advices of several friends of mine that are all longtime customers. I just asked Vaso what she thought she would do, giving her directions like I don't like it too trendy, but practical, sleek, but also low maintenance etc. The result was dead on. I'll be coming back for sure. Thank you for the complimentary wine. Love the place.‎‎
By Elizabeth

Joanna, what an amazing new addition!‎‎

After moving to Miami recently, I went to Salon Vaso to find a new stylist...and I found her! Joanna gave me an awesome cut for my curly hair, and honestly- the best blow-out I have ever received. My curly hair can be really hard to tame, but she did it- and in record time! She freshened up my color and suggested highlights, which look totally amazing! I've had great stylists before, but Joanna beats them all! She's got great instincts and is super friendly, talkative, and really cute too! I HIGHLY recommend her if you are in the Miami area!‎
By Becky

Dream Highlights ! ‎‎‎‎

After I had Vaso highlight my hair, I will not let anybody else touch it. I also love the way she cuts it. Moreover, my hair grows really fast now, Vaso must know some secrets so that customers visit her for haircuts more often (ha ha). My husband is not a fan of haircuts, but if he cuts his hair, he does it with Darlene, and that says a lot about the way Darlene cuts hair. Try Salon Vaso, you will be back for more !‎
By Karen

Darlene was awesome.....

I was looking for a new Salon that wouldn’t jack my hair up. I had long hair and wanted a change. Something more fashion and trendy (without looking too trendy). I made an appointment at Salon Vaso after I googled a salon in Miami Beach. My appointment was with Darlene. She definitely knew her stuff and the cut was exactly like we discussed. I will absolutely go there again and again. I had a cut and drank a beer that they offered me! What could be better.‎
By John

ALLURE - LUCKY - They are right on !

Spectacular salon. Very welcoming, felt like a regular even during first visit. Happening place. Don't know who you might meet. Relaxing atmosphere. Will be back for sure.‎
By Nick

Tanya - the hidden treasure

I have been getting my nails done @ a certain salon - that shall remain nameless for many years. I thought they were the best until I recently switched to Vaso. Vaso Salon is tough to find the 1st time around; but once I did, there was no stopping me from coming back every week to experience the hidden jewel of SoBe. I was recommended to specifically make an appointment with Tanya for a Mani/Pedi. Wow! She is amazing and super sweet. I have never seen anyone work so meticulously – she is truly an artiste! She creates a perfect French Mani! The price is unbeatable on the Beach without limiting on the service, attention, and ambience. So, park in the back lot of Einstein Bagels on Alton and find the door before the side entrance of the bagel shop, walk up stairs and relax with Tanya and Vaso – who does great hair. You will treasure them all. Ok, Since I have had such wonderful treatments at this salon, I have added to my list of services offered from "Team Vaso" and I feel compelled to pass on the message. So here it is: GET THE CHEMICAL FREE KERATIN TREATMENT NOW!!! For perfect eyebrows, see Ana. She is amazing!!!
By Erica

Salon Vaso customer reviews are spot on !!!‎‎

I have never been to a salon solely based on reviews but when I read the recent article in ALLURE I went to Salon Vaso for the first time last week and absolutely loved it. The highlights that Vaso did are fantastic. She listened to what I wanted and offered advice as well. Loved the easy going, relaxed atmosphere of the salon. Will definitely go back.‎
By Heather


I have been visiting Vaso since my office was just around the corner. We have since moved further away (and are literally surrounded by salons) but I - and several colleagues - still head back to Salon Vaso every time. Great haircut, really good value and Vaso's knowledge of SoBe hip establishments are all reasons to visit. Would recommend to anybody!‎
By Jorge

ALLURE calls it "A Cut Above"

I found Salon Vaso in ALLURE magazines August 2009 issue listed as the only Salon in Miami under “A Cut Above”. I put them to the test. All I can say is that I have never been happier with my hair. Looks like ALLURE really did their homework.‎
By Jessica


My initial visit to Salon Vaso was a magical experience. I was immediately impressed by the professional atmosphere and over the top customer service. I am a loyal client, and the knowledge of the stylists is displayed in the maintenance and care of my hair. I constantly receive compliments about the healthiness and style of my hair, and I am more than happy to refer as many people as I can to Vaso. Thank you Vaso for your wonderful work. You are magic.‎‎
By Sherry


I am in love with Salon Vaso. The staff pampers me, respects my time and makes me look and feel stylish and beautiful every single time. I can wholeheartedly recommend Salon Vaso to anyone.‎
By Isabelle


Salon Vaso continues to provide premium service while being extremely reasonable. Since I began using their services almost three years ago, I have been impressed by their level of service and quality. Vaso has the necessary insight and outstanding skills to leave me satisfied each and every time I visit. Thank you again for making me so much more beautiful for so many years.‎
By Jacqueline

Great prices!

$20 blowout specials until Labor Day. This salon is AMAZING. I have naturally curly hair, and they did wonders. I couldn't believe how great my hair hair turned out, for only $20!! They also offer a mani/pedi during the week for $38. I will definitely go back and tell all my curly haired friends about this salon.
By kiakenner


Vaso has been my stylist for more than seven years. Her unmatched expertise in cuts and hair design are impressive to say the least. In addition, her stay on top mentality to make the salon personable and professional for each client she serves is perfectly orchestrated as they walk into the Salon.‎
By Denise


I was very pleased with the relaxing, professional atmosphere. As a professional women and mom, I don't need additional headaches. Salon Vaso is a place where I can listen to relaxing music and enjoy a clean, comfortable salon. I very much enjoy the personal attention and they really understand the importance of my time. Vaso truly understands my needs. I trust her to cut, color and style my hair just for me. I can tell that her skills are top notch, because I simply don't have what everyone else has- my style is unique. My salon for life is and will be for many years to come Salon Vaso !
By Monica


I was looking for a special approach to hair care and not just simply another beauty salon. That was in 2000. Since then Vaso has been my one and only choice. When I went through a period of hair loss and breakage, Vaso made sure she had products and utilized treatments designed especially for my hair problems. The results are since day one and still are nothing short of miraculous. From customized cuts and hand-mixed colors, to personalized products, relaxers and treatments, each and every service is performed with me the client in mind. Like I always tell Vaso, if she ever moves, I'll have to move with her.‎
By Barbara


Vaso has been my hair stylist since 1998. We met and I truly believe that God allowed our paths to cross, and as result of that, not only is she a great hair stylist, but we have also become good friends over the years. I get compliments all the time about my hair and the healthy look of my hair. Vaso is the absolute best because my mom and I don't mind the drive from Palm Beach down to South Beach. There is just no other place like Salon Vaso.‎
By Roxanne

Pleasant surprise at Mercedes Benz Fashion...

Having backstage passes to Miami's Mercedes Benz Fashion Show a particular stylist caught my attention because her models hair looked awe inspiring. I found out that her name is Vaso of Salon Vaso which incidentally is located right in the heart of South Beach. I recently made an appointment and must say the quality and professionalism of her work rivals any of New Yorks finest and then some. Luckily I am constantly traveling between NY & SoBe. I've made my choice = Salon Vaso !‎
By Jennifer


Salon Vaso offers $20 blowouts. I thought this must be misprint. After reading some of their reviews on Google and Yelp I thought I'd give it a try. Boy was I surprised. Not only was it not a misprint but the way I was treated, the level of service and the outcome were simply spectacular. I must say "THANK YOU" Salon Vaso for making my life easier. I love the staff.‎‎
By Melanie

First class experience...‎‎

Being a client of Vaso's for over 10 years each experience has been first class. She has mastered my highlights giving me the most natural effect while simultaneously lasting longer than ever. Styling my hair has never been so easy. Thank you Vaso for years of quality service. Her Salon Vaso gets a triple A from me.‎‎
By Debbie

Now I know why they say Salon...‎‎

I've been to literally all the hip and hot Salons on the Beach but when it comes to color her title "Master Colorist/Stylist" hits it right on the spot. Finally I know where from this point forward I will have my hair done, period. Since I had a little time to kill I went for a Mani/Pedi and was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and quality of work. AAA from me to Salon Vaso.‎
By Michael

Recognizable Talent‎‎

Finding Vaso was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I had been struggling to find someone in Miami who understood curly hair, and thankfully I found Vaso. That was three years ago and I haven't looked back. Not only does she know how to tame my voluminous mane, she's a whiz at creating colors that look incredibly natural.‎
By Saxon

Never thought to find such an excellent...‎‎

I am French. All my life wherever I would live, I would go back to my childhood hairdresser in France because she always did a great job and listened to what I wanted. She retired. Then HELL started for me. Impossible to find a competent hairdresser who not only has good taste but also listens!!!! Yes, listens and gives professional feedback. Now, I am so happy, and enjoy the excellent other services (mani-pedi for instance) in a relaxed atmosphere with good music. I love going to her salon. It has the perfect mix: competency, talent and humour.‎
By Irene

Salon Vaso‎‎

Vaso is extremely talented as a hair colorist and stylist. I have been a devoted patron of hers for nearly a decade and have seen her do wonders on all hair types. If you want to look your best, you must see Vaso.‎
By Zena

Vaso is hot magic!

In my rush to get everything together for a week-long business trip to Miami, I forgot to get a haircut before I left. I was nervous to let a random stylist cut my hair, especially since I was going to be meeting hundreds of new clients, etc. in the coming days. But I had no choice and just picked Vaso Salon based on location and an available appointment. I was expecting a decent haircut, just to get me through the week. But i got so much more... From the vintage barber chairs reupholstered with black ostrich leather to the seriously sexy Vaso herself, the whole experience was great, not to mention the perfect haircut. I just love competent people. But what I love even more are competent people who also are sensual and passionate about what they do. I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Miami.
By Bryan

Before I found Vaso...

Monday, June 2, 2008
I was incredibly dissatisfied with my hair. Not only did Vaso undo the damage that had been done by a long line of lesser talented stylists, she has made my hair look better than it ever has. She...


For those of us who love our curly hair...

Sunday, August 3, 2008
...Vaso is fantastic! I've looked high and low in Miami for someone who can cut my wild, long, curly hair—Vaso's definitely the best! Her new salon is gorgeous. I feel content and pampered when I'm...


It's worth the drive!

Sunday, August 10, 2008
My son, Hunter, and I have been having Vaso cut and style our hair for over seven years. We now live in Ft. Lauderdale and still drive down to South Beach for our haircuts! Now that's loyalty! It's...


Vaso is hot magic!

Saturday, February 7, 2009
In my rush to get everything together for a week-long business trip to Miami, I forgot to get a haircut before I left. I was nervous to let a random stylist cut my hair, especially since I was going...


Word Gets Out...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Vaso is a name known on Miami Beach for the last 10 years. I know she is great, especially when I get asked after every haircut, "Where did you get your haircut?" Compliments to Vaso.
Alan G....